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Luxury candles to help you to press pause, and reap all the benefits that beautiful fragrance can bring you.

Be kind to yourself and the environment.

Bring moments of self-care to your life

Self-care is not a luxury that you only get to indulge in once in a while, but a way of life. I want to help you care for and nurture your mind, body and soul every day; so you can make yourself a priority and allow your life to flow more easily!

Amare candles are made with premium natural soy wax, developed from soybeans. It’s 100% natural and burns slower than paraffin, so that means longer-lasting candles. 

  • All wicks are made from cotton

  • The premium fragrances are phalate and paraben free.

  • The candles and reed diffusers are poured by hand in small batches, especially for Amare. No mass production or machines are involved.

Handmade with natural ingredients

Caring for the planet

At Amare, it is essential to be kind to yourself but also to the environment; that’s why we strive to be as plastic-free as possible. We also donate a percentage of our profits to Just One Tree to help them fight for a better planet. Just One Tree is a non-profit initiative that wants to remove CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees all over the world.

Become the best version of yourself

The collection of fragranced candles have soothing and wellbeing benefits, that encourage you to press pause, to take moments for you, to help you feel renewed. 

My purpose is to encourage you to cherish moments of self-care every day. With hand-poured, eco friendly candles, I want to inspire you to give yourself time to relax, recharge, and rebalance.

Hi, I'm Nicky, the Founder of Amare. This is my story.

Lighting candles have always been an essential part of my self-care and well-being, but it was just during the last days of my dad’s cancer that they gained a major role.

I found that lighting candles in his room was a good way to bring a calm atmosphere. It was a wonderful as well as gentle way to cope with the situation. In those delicate times, candles gave us moments of mindfulness. Candles helped me cherish those precious moments with my dad and now I want to bring those treasured moments to you.

I’ve always known the importance of self-care and well-being and how lighting a candle can be a huge part of that. And after researching and using them myself for so many years, I know what makes a good candle! I curated a collection of natural, luxury candles, and Amare was born.

Nicky Burnett CEO Amare Luxury Fragrances

“Amare” means “to cherish” in Italian...

Luxury Fragrances

What people say about us

I recently purchased the Cherish Reed diffuser, such a wonderful fragrance that wafted through the hallway. Nicky was very helpful and informative before, during and after my purchase. I would recommend this product and would look to purchase another fragrance for another room when they become available. Thank you, Nicky.

Nicky Jones

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